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Massage therapy sessions  including aromatherapy, lymphatic, deep tissue and remedial techniques for muscular and emotional relief and relaxation.



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Nutritional & Health Coaching 

To begin with a detailed consultation followed by a nutritional program based on your needs and health goals. Specializing in hormonal health, detox and digestion. I am a personal chef providing healthy delicious organic based meals aligned with my clients preferences and needs. 

Booked nutritional consultations are available in person or video call.

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To begin with a one-on-one consultation/ postural assessment followed by a tailored made workout program to meet your physical needs and goals.

Specializing in fitness, rehabilitation, body contouring and flexibility. 


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Therapy Sessions

Feel Good Look Good!

Nutrition   Movement   Rejuvenation


Do you want to feel good and look your best?

A healthy glow comes not only from eating well but also exercising and living a life you feel inspired by. This results in true happiness. 

I provide services in Wellness & Nutritional Consultation, Wellness and Health Programs, Massage, as well as products that support your health and beauty. 








I don't know what you did in my healing session today but I am full of energy after years of serious fatigue! You are a miracle worker!

Ammo d'Or age 35

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