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My Approach

With over 15 years experience as a health professional (in massage/energy healing, nutritional and wellness coaching, and pilates), I have come to understand that true health and happiness comes from not only making healthy dietary and exercise choices, but living a life that inspires you!

Do you ever notice how lit up someone is when they talk about something that they are passionate about? They seem to glow in a certain way. I believe this is the secret to true health and happiness. It is crucial to look at all areas of your life that contribute to wellbeing and LIVE by the things that make you as an individual thrive emotionally, mentally physically and spiritually.  

We all have our own unique purpose in life as well as having unique needs in terms of foods, exercise, relationships, goals and desires. These areas must be understood and nurtured, in order to have a life that feels free, progressive and fulfilling. This can be achieved through applied guidance and practical steps to reach your goals. 

Through the services I provide at Alchemy Tri, I help you to feel healthier, more rejuvenated and happier within yourself. Happiness starts with looking after yourself. When you take good care of yourself, life is just better!

Healthy is beautiful.    

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