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About Me

Originally from Sydney Australia, I moved to Los Angeles in 2013. For over a decade I have been a holistic practitioner for celebrities in film and music, as well as many others clients in need of holistic cleansing, including nutritional chef services, massage, and holistic health consulting for cleansing, beauty enhancement, hormone health and weight loss.

I work with my clients with a direct focus on cleansing, resulting in shedding excess weight, assisting them to look and feel more vibrant and healthy. This is achieved through programs created for each client with a focus on cleansing for the body mind and soul, with nutrition, exercise programs, and other methods of self care and spiritual guidance as well as massage, and energy healing. 

I began my career in holistic health in 2005, when I became a certified pilates instructor through Pilates International. In 2006 I went on to receiving a diploma in massage with the Brandon Raynor School of Massage Therapy. In 2013 I became a nutritional health practitioner after graduating as a certified Health Coach with Integrative Nutrition. 

Alchemy Tri was founded upon combining all of my years of experience in holistic health. The word "Alchemy" means to transform and "Tri" represents the trinity of body mind and spirit, the three areas that I believe must all be worked on and nourished for balanced health. 

I am dedicated to healing my clients and improving their overall wellbeing through my services.


The importance of the body mind and soul connection is implemented through my services, allowing for holistic healing and health. 

 ~Healthy is beautiful. 

  • Health coaching with weekly calls for goal setting and accountability

  • Physical healing through massage, sound frequency and energy work 

  • Body contouring and flexibility through customized pilates programs

  • Improve eating habits and improve overall health through tailored nutrition and wellness program

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